Periodontics Paro Concept - Care and control of gum disease

What is periodontics?

The periodontium is the set of tissues that support the teeth in the jawbone. This is what allows us to eat, talk and smile. What is visible is the gum, then below, there is the alveolar bone which includes the teeth, the periodontal ligament which attaches the teeth and which dampens the forces of chewing, and the cement which allows to attach the ligament to the tooth.



Periodontitis is a chronic infection that gradually damages the dental support system. You can recognize it if you suffer from swelling, redness, bleeding gums, crushing food between the teeth, loosening, mobility and displacement of the teeth, bad breath, sensitivity to cold, bleeding gums during tooth brushing and suppuration.


The steps to treat periodontitis:

Following a visit, the dentist will establish an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and then make a medical evaluation which will lead to clinical measures. The patient will be given personalized hygiene instructions which will have to be done at home, tartar above and under the gums will be removed, and antibiotics will be prescribed if necessary.


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