Teeth whitening

What to do when doing homemade whitening ?

  • Brush your teeth well and floss before inserting the trays in the mouth.
  • Fill the gutters with whitening gel about a third of the tank and place it in the front part of the gutter.
  • Insert the aligners in the mouth and keep them for the necessary time, according to the dentist's instructions.
  • Remove the gutters after the necessary time. Rinse the gutters well and clean them with a toothbrush, gently so as not to tear the gutter.
  • When bleaching, avoid foods that stain like red wine, blueberries, tomato sauce, coffee, cola, etc. It is totally inadvisable to smoke during bleaching.
  • During whitening, your teeth and gums may become sensitive, this is normal. If the sensitivity becomes intolerable, stop bleaching for one to two days. If the pain persists, contact the dentist to let them know.
  • The end result is very variable and depends on several factors. To obtain better results, it is necessary to insist more, by increasing the contact time of the peroxide on the teeth and the frequency of use, even in some cases up to several months.


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